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Good Job! Nier Automata is one of my favorite games of all time.
I really admire how clean and tidied up your works look,
it really fits the ecchi, sexy, pinup kind of things you make.
I also like that you use a lot of negative space.
However I think that you should practice drawing anatomy more,
the way you render looks fine for now, whats really lacking is the foundation.
For example 2Bs torso is just one fat tree trunk kind of shape, which doesnt look feminine at all and this doesnt seem to be intended. The spine has an s-curve to it which is especially pronounced in women, so the lower back should be pushed more inwards, with the upper back and butt sticking out. Also the front part of her torso under the breasts seems to come out way too much. If it werent for these two issues, I would have rated it atleast a solid 3/5 stars.

NealBlue responds:

Thank you for the Feedback!

For a first attempt it's really good. I think her arms are a bit too long. Long arms look masculine because men tend to grow longer limbs in general, atleast to my understanding. Very long arms make the figure look apelike, there is something primitive, rough and beastlike about it. And that doesn't seem to be the direction you are going for. I think hand-joints should be where her crotch end, around that's where the hands begin. I actually like her face more than the lady sculpt you did after this piece, but that is of course also just personal preference.

Jumbuno responds:

Good points thank you for a honest critique, I agree the arms are way too big but you make a good point about there length I actually didnt think aboyut that but Ill keep that in mind on my next sculpt thank you!

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