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reall really cool design. Is this original work? It gives me Attack on Titan and Naru Taru vibes at the same time. Your art is getting better incredibly fast with a very wide arrangement of skills.

You did a pretty good job but even though I get that you want things to be really readable in a character-sheet, it wont hurt to have a bit more expression. Even in character-turnarounds you can often see that the artists give them a little bit of a pose and expression, that suits their character. So you dont have to approach it that stiff, I did that too in the past, but even subtle poses and expressions can really be beneficial to showcase a character, even though its not supposed to be an illustration. You dont have to limit yourself to neutral faces and iterations of T-poses like its a stiff lifeless 3D-model just bc its WIP. This can also help you to figure out what the character (inside and out) of an oc should be. Hope that helps.

TheNixPix responds:

Thanks for the advice, I really should try to make her feel more alive in the character-sheet, but I'm still struggling to design an outfit that is easy enough to draw but still not plean and boring. It often comes back to her wooden arm that must be exposed for story purpose.

Good Job! Nier Automata is one of my favorite games of all time.
I really admire how clean and tidied up your works look,
it really fits the ecchi, sexy, pinup kind of things you make.
I also like that you use a lot of negative space.
However I think that you should practice drawing anatomy more,
the way you render looks fine for now, whats really lacking is the foundation.
For example 2Bs torso is just one fat tree trunk kind of shape, which doesnt look feminine at all and this doesnt seem to be intended. The spine has an s-curve to it which is especially pronounced in women, so the lower back should be pushed more inwards, with the upper back and butt sticking out. Also the front part of her torso under the breasts seems to come out way too much. If it werent for these two issues, I would have rated it atleast a solid 3/5 stars.

NealBlue responds:

Thank you for the Feedback!

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